Wine prices set to soar – we can stop this.

This one is very clear, if we don’t stop a specific piece of (completely unnecessary and avoidable) red tape coming in on January 1st 2021, red wine and all its other delightful forms will suffer a serious price spike and the range available to us will significantly drop. In short, there’s a form, VI-1, which […]

End the digital divide in the countryside

Our farmers have been on the front line throughout the ongoing Covid crisis.  They and every one of our essential services heroes deserve our thanks and are owed an enduring debt of gratitude which we should all covenant to. One service that we can do in return for all of those in our rural economy […]

Barack doesn’t want your Bitcoin

Today’s Twitter fallout is the latest reminder of the importance of cyber security, privacy and trust; all of the issues that social media platforms – and the way we use them – throw up. The attack, described as ‘effective but not sophisticated’, illustrates not just how vulnerable the platform is to hackers but, as significantly, […]

Carpe DLT

A week of highlighting potential Distributed Ledger Technology use cases in Parliament. Distributed Ledger Technology [DLT] (or Blockchain) has the potential to drive public good in so many different ways. The problem is it’s like the plumbing. It’s an enabler, invisible, in the background and yet, in its uniqueness, invaluable and ground breaking. As my […]