Trade Finance Global Interview

While at the ITFA and BCR: Trade & Investment Forum 2023, Chris sat down with Trade Finance Global’s Deepesh Patel to discuss what the UK government is doing to support this digital transition associated with the Electronic Trade Documents Bill.

VIDEO | Lord Holmes – the enactment of the Electronic Trade Documents Bill, what next? (

Bank of England Research Conference

Chris took part in the Bank of England Agenda for Research (BEAR) Conference focusing on New Digital Technologies and the Future Financial Landscape. He joined a Policy Panel that considered whether effective regulation can make cryptoassets and stablecoins useful?

Bank of England Annual BEAR Research Conference – Policy Panel: Can Effective Regulation Make Cryptoassets & Stablecoins Useful? (

11:FS Spotlight

Chris sits down with Mauricio to explain why he is describing the Electronic Trade Documents Bill – a bill that should pass into law by Spring 2023, as “the most important bill you’ve never heard of.”

The Gage Podcast

Chris talks to Sean Kiernan about championing blockchain in Parliament, how FinTech could open up routes to support the levelling up agenda and the key challenges surrounding funding for UK SMEs.

Masters of Finance Podcast

Chris discusses the Electronic Trade Documents Bill that’s been described as the first foundational step towards digitisation and interoperability, and the Fintech opportunities available in the UK to empower businesses and offer new solutions.

Following the Rules Podcast

Chris sat down with Lucy McNulty to explain how he would like to see the UK parliament’s influential Treasury Select Committee change to best regulate new asset classes like crypto. Chris also details the regulatory priorities he believes the UK government should have to future-proof the UK financial services sector. He also outlines his concerns around the UK markets watchdog’s ability to cope with its ever-expanding to-do list, and outlines how parliamentarians can best address the issue now to help the City remain competitive post-Brexit.

CTO Confessions Podcast

Chris sat down with TC Gill, host of CTO Confessions to discuss technology and leadership. As TC says, “while some tech leaders are focused on the tech, others are focused on spreading the gospel of tech into the halls of politics and decision-making.” Chris talks about his early interest in technology as well as his work in Parliament highlighting the opportunities presented by emerging technologies as well as the responsibility of getting the “right-sized” regulation.

Searching for Mana Podcast

During Fintech Week London 2021 Chris joins Lloyd for a chat about fintech, financial inclusion, crypto and much more. Touching on everything from the importance of community building in fintech, to the UK financial landscape potential, Chris and Lloyd talk everything fintech and crypto has to offer. Then they dig into Chris’ career to provide inspiring advice: how to win gold medals, how to take feedback effectively, the importance of teamwork and other valuable lessons.

Fintech Figures Interviews

Throughout 2021 Chris conducted a series of interviews with five key figures from the Fintech community. Five questions in five minutes covering the impact of Covid, financial inclusion and the fintech opportunity.


Thank you so much to Kay Swinburne for sitting down with me to chat about fintech. Kay was responsible for the Chapter on Policy and Regulation in the recently published Kalifa Review and had some excellent insights and observations to share.

Fintech Figures in conversation with Chris Holmes
Kay Swinburne, Vice Chair Financial Services, KPMG, May 2021


Thank you to Simon Taylor for helping mark the start UK Fintech Week by sitting down with me to answer five questions on fintech!

Fintech Figures in conversation with Chris Holmes
Simon Taylor, Co-Founder, 11:FS, April 19 2021


An absolute pleasure to sit down with fintech champion Julia Streets, she makes some important points about skills and talent and assures me that 2021 is going to be a great year for fintech.

Fintech Figures in conversation with Chris Holmes,
Julia Streets, CEO, Streets Consulting, March 29 2021.


With just a week to go until the publication of the eagerly awaited Independent Fintech Strategic Review I was delighted to sit down with Adam Afriyie MP, founder and Chair of the Parliamentary group on Fintech.

Fintech Figures in conversation with Chris Holmes,
Adam Afriyie MP, Founder and Chair, All Party Parliamentary Group on Fintech, February 16th 2021.


Today (Jan 21 2001) was my first interview, with the marvellous Charlotte Crosswell, Chief Executive, Innovate Finance.

Fintech Figures in conversation with Chris Holmes,
Charlotte Crosswell, Chief Executive, Innovate Finance, January 21st 2021

Ted Talk: Seeing is Believing