Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games

The broadcast story so far Great Britain’s Paralympians Gold, Silver and Bronze medal performances, their World, Paralympic, European and British records, all covered on the nation’s Paralympic broadcaster, Channel 4. I remember in 2009, when I was at London 2012, we had all the UK broadcasters keen to cover the Paralympic Games, coming with serious […]

Paralympic Perspectives III

Barcelona 1992 Barcelona – “such a beautiful horizon”. Freddie and Montserrat were right, it is and it was. This Paralympic Games was special. A forgotten fishing port on the Med, transformed via Expo and Olympic Games into a world destination, riding high still some thirty years later. And what of the 1992 Paralympic Games?  Well, […]

How safe are e-scooters?

Last summer (July 2020) the government launched e-scooter trials across the UK. Under current regulations, e-scooters can be legally rented from licensed operators, they are speed limited (15.5mph) and are allowed only on roads or cycle lanes, not pavements. Private e-scooters are legal to own – and are widely available online or shops – but only for […]