21st Century Frictionless Trade – Lords debate UK EU Trade Agreement

“My Lords, there exists a need, there exists an opportunity, a pressing need, a potentially transformational opportunity. The need for a border fit for the 21st Century, the opportunity; a digitally enabled, free trade flowing, free trade growing border delivered by the best of our talent deploying the best of our technologies. Artificial Intelligence, Distributed […]

Obesity Crisis Meets Covid Crisis

Today I was pleased to take part in a short debate on the latest report from the All Party Parliamentary Group on Obesity: ‘The Future of Obesity Services’. The report was launched in November 2020 and makes several recommendations including that the Government: conduct research into the links between socioeconomic deprivation, ethnicity and obesity, provide […]

Why do we still have a disability employment gap 25 years after the Disability Discrimination Act?

Why does the disability employment gap persist 25 years after legislation to end disability discrimination in employment was passed? What can be done?

21st Century Frictionless Trade: The UK can lead but govt. must act.

Today [Tuesday 15th September] I am delighted to publish a new Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) report on “Reducing Friction in International Trade” (RFIT). Using a combination of distributed ledger technologies and Internet of Things (IoT) devices the RFIT project demonstrates a comprehensive supply chain data management system for Australia/UK wine imports in which all the […]

Barack doesn’t want your Bitcoin

Today’s Twitter fallout is the latest reminder of the importance of cyber security, privacy and trust; all of the issues that social media platforms – and the way we use them – throw up. The attack, described as ‘effective but not sophisticated’, illustrates not just how vulnerable the platform is to hackers but, as significantly, […]