Barack doesn’t want your Bitcoin

Today’s Twitter fallout is the latest reminder of the importance of cyber security, privacy and trust; all of the issues that social media platforms – and the way we use them – throw up. The attack, described as ‘effective but not sophisticated’, illustrates not just how vulnerable the platform is to hackers but, as significantly, […]

Trust is bust, democracy hangs on: Just, who has sussed, who is fussed?

Thirteen months in the making, today (29th June 2020) we published “Digital Technologies and the Resurrection of Trust”. Our Lord’s select committee report into democracy and digital technologies and a committee on which I was honoured to serve. Thousands of pages of written evidence, hundreds of hours of in person testimony and many more hours […]

Blockchain – What Next

Hype or (game changing) Ledger? I’ve been ‘banging on about blockchain’ for a while; first publishing Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT) for public good; leadership, collaboration and innovation in 2017. Today, I remain as positive about the potential for DLT (of which blockchain is one example) as I was in 2017. Whilst my interest has endured […]