Get Musicians Moving

Visa arrangements for UK musicians in the EU, the show must go on. I love music, it has got me through everything in life, the good, the bad, the lot.  When I lost my sight it was a lifeline, music kept me going: Iron Maiden, Madonna, Magnum, more. Before competing at Barcelona, Atlanta and Sydney, […]

Technology for Essential Services

Yesterday, I was delighted to take part in a short debate on the risks and opportunities involved in the deployment of large scale technology for our essential services. “Would my noble friend the Minister agree that there are huge advantages for citizen and state, local and national government, to be gained through the considered, ethical […]

21st Century Frictionless Trade – Lords debate UK EU Trade Agreement

“My Lords, there exists a need, there exists an opportunity, a pressing need, a potentially transformational opportunity. The need for a border fit for the 21st Century, the opportunity; a digitally enabled, free trade flowing, free trade growing border delivered by the best of our talent deploying the best of our technologies. Artificial Intelligence, Distributed […]